We have gone to Bethany for 17 yrs and would never think about changing. Our oldest was on a waiting list and finally got into the 4th grade class. That was such a blessing!! Erika started in kindergarten with Mrs. Tomko, where she loved the school from early on. We fell in love with the church and the family we have there!! Our third daughter is now attending. It is just crazy to me to see these hard working teachers and staff that have been there for all my kids. We love our school and church. 

   -Darlene Griffiths, Parent

I wanted my children to learn about Jesus' love. Being a staff member, I know how awesome and caring my colleagues are, which you can't find everywhere, so I know when they are at school they are being loved and not just considered another student.

"I wanted my children to have these three things in reverse order of importance.

1. A safe and nurturing environment, where they would be taught to be good citizens and held accountable for their actions and praised for their accomplishments.

2. An educational environment that would challenge them and prepare them for high school, college, and life in this competitive world. And most important by far...

3.  An environment where their faith in Jesus as their Savior would be fed, nurtured, and grow. There is no other more important task that God assigns to parents, because all the other things are simply temporary. But faith in Jesus as their Savior lasts unto eternity. I know that every single day of every year they spent in a Bethany classroom was spent with a teacher who loved the Lord and shared that love and His forgiveness, and their faith with my children. They are both adults now, and it is their God given responsibility as parents to now do the same for my grandchildren."

Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not turn away from it"

    -Ken Boerger, Principal Emeritus, Parent & Grandparent

To be totally honest, I was hesitant to send my son to Bethany when it was time for him to begin kindergarten. I was raised with very little faith and attended the public school system and I told myself “that was good enough for me it'll be good enough for him”. His father disagreed. He attended Bethany as a child and with us no longer together there was a bit of a struggle for me to send him. I finally gave in.  Once I started getting involved I could see not only the kindness of the staff, and how much my son was learning, but a faith growing in my child. He had so many questions about his faith and I had no answers. So I began taking classes myself. God was working on me as well as my son.  Being a single mom and now having raised my son to high school age , I tear up thinking how grateful I am that God blessed my heart the day I committed to send my son to Bethany. I give credit to Bethany and God for helping to raise my son into the faith strong, intelligent, athletic young man that he is today. I found my own faith through Bethany, starting at this school.

   -Amy Rush, Parent of an Alumni

The curriculum at BLS is difficult, but also goes beyond the state standards of what is expected to learn. I feel my kids are a part of something great - things that go beyond the four walls of a classroom! In graduate school, I sit with many teachers and after hearing their attitudes and stories, each day I'm more and more thankful my kids are at a place like BLS!

   -Nicole Campbell, Bethany 3rd Grade Teacher and Parent