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Our Vision is to...

   Instill a passion for Learning.

   Inspire a life of Christian Service.

   Ignite the Imagination.


What used to be the principal's morning announcements has broadened to become a form of student expression. New technology in schools provides the opportunity for students to become producers and broadcasters through classes in multimedia technology. Student broadcasting increases communication within the school, and bolsters knowledge of current events by providing school and world news, weather and public service announcements to the student body and beyond, if posted on school Internet websites.  It encourages and improves writing, technology, public performance, media, design, and production skills.  Students in the broadcasting class will learn the basic who, what, why, when, where, and how of journalism, learn the technology of video productions, and learn the rhythm of the daily newscast cycle.  Also, camera and editing technology skills will be developed, so that everyone will have the opportunity to be a director / reporter / photographer / editor / poster.

Programming and robotics are “thinking development” tools.  They require kids to solve problems, anticipate outcomes and come up with solutions.  They reward logic.  They build real life thinking skills that apply to any area of study.  Creativity is also highly rewarded.  Programs and robots give kids immediate feedback on their performance - it worked, it didn’t work, it gave an unexpected result.  There’s no grading – you just work at it till you get the job done.


Parents may ask: Will my children be prepared for the future? Are they getting enough math, science and engineering at their school?  Being tech savvy and knowing a little programming will help any child in the future.  It is important that students grow up comfortable with the idea of learning new computer languages.  Robotics is a great way to teach programming, and learn principles in physics and engineering.  The basics behind technologies like sensors, actuators, and power sources can all be learned with robotics.