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Mrs. Nicole Campbell

Third Grade


Mrs. Nicole Campbell has been teaching second and third grade children for 12 years. She taught her first year at Zion Lutheran Academy in the inner city of Fort Wayne, Indiana and has been a teacher at Bethany for the past 10 years.  Mrs. Campbell earned her Bachelors in 2001 from Concordia University, Wisconsin and recently received her Masters of Education from Ashland University (2013).


Mrs. Campbell is Bethany's Yearbook Coordinator and the Accelerated Reading Program Coordinator.  She is a member of LEA (Lutheran Educators Association). In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading and cleaning.

Inside 3rd Grade



The first and most important lesson your child will learn in third grade is the unconditional love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It a blessing to teach at Bethany because it not only allows me to teach Religion, but it also allows me to live it through my actions and words.  God has granted me the ability to teach, and with that talent, I can mirror His Holy example to my students and their families.


Inside our classroom, students will be held to a high expectation and taught to treat others with kindness through the “Bucket Filling” program.  We stress being a “bucket filler” opposed to a “bucket dipper.”  Students are required to use an assignment book and utilize our Accelerated Reading Program.  One of our favorite things to do is head up to the computer lab for Computer class or use the iPad Lab inside the classroom!

In Handwriting, third graders will be taught manuscript and cursive using the D’Nealian method.  We use the Houghton-Mifflin math series for math, and then I tailor it to the Ohio Standards.  This means, students will follow the Ohio Academic Content Standards for third grade.  Some standards are: identifying a set of data and describing the information it gives about a data set, identify and describe the relative size of angles with respect to right angles, along with multi-digit regrouping (addition and subtraction), multiplication, and division.


We also explore the Academic Content Standards for Social Studies using the Houghton Mifflin Social Studies (Communities) curriculum.  Students are always excited to dig into the different cultures within our society and compare the different cultural practices within a community.  Third graders are also introduced to (and required to know) different landforms and maps, such as valley, plains, political maps, and physical maps.  One of the most interesting things for third graders to learn about is the different systems of transportation and communication people use/d and how they have both changed over time.


For Science, students will learn of God’s wonder by following the Academic Content Standards and the curriculum of McMillan/McGraw-Hill.  In Earth Science we study the beautiful rocks soil within our planet.  We always love classifying animals observing fossils in Life Science.  Though our chapter on Physical Science, we love learning (and I love teaching) about forces and motion.  Our day also consists of a large amount of time being carved out for our Reading Block.  This time is spent on spelling, language, and reading.  Third graders in my classroom will learn and memorize the common spelling rules and sounds through various songs, activities, and games.  Language, which is one of my favorites, is also taught using songs, games, videos, and through everyday writing.

Mrs. Campbell is

Bethany's Yearbook Coordinator.