Our Children’s Department provides a God-inspired, Bible-centered, fun-filled education for your child to learn about the Word of God. Our teachers are excited to introduce stories of wonder and excitement from the Bible. All of this is accomplished through our excellent volunteers who share God’s vision of bringing up children in Him.


CHRISTIAN INSTRUCTION CLASSES offer children preschool age 3 through the 12th grades the opportunity to grow in faith through the good news of Jesus each week.   The focus this year is “Living Inside Out: Where Kids Dare to Live their Faith 24/7”.


Classes are: Sundays 9:45-10:45 a.m.

• Infants – 2 yr olds – Room 172

• Preschool – 4th Grade – Room 164

• Preteen 5 – 6th  Grade – Room 210

• 7th Grade Confirmation – Room 372

• 8th Grade Confirmation– Room 368

• High School – Parsonage House New Students can be enrolled each week.


Parents are encouraged to have their children present each week to grow faith through the Story of God’s love in the Savior Jesus.  For more information, contact the Church office or Director of Christian Instruction, Susie Harder.