Monday Work Nights - 7:00 p.m every Monday night throughout the year, including summer.


    This is an open invitation to all volunteers who would like to donate their time and abilities by making repairs to the Church, School, outside grounds, Parsonage, and the 3 rental properties. The Trustees facilitate these evenings by maintaining a work list, purchasing all parts & supplies, and coordinating the volunteers. Whether you have skills in plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, HVAC, gardening, or are just plain handy around the house, all skills are welcome and greatly appreciated.


    If you cannot make our Monday Work Nights but would like to assist with your skills at another time, or as needed, please contact one of the Trustees so we can assist you in volunteering at other times.


    Board Members:

    Frank Knauss (440) 888-2415, frunksmail@aol.com

    Tim Veres

    Rick Eisenhardt

    Ernie Schwartz Jr.

    Eric Davenport

    Rick Fandrich




    The ministry of the Board of Deacons, in partnership with the Pastor(s), provides spiritual care and nurtures for the members of the congregation through the ministry of Word and Sacrament, to include:

    • the proclamation of the Gospel and administering of the Sacraments in accordance with sound Lutheran faith,

    • the planning and supervision of worship services,

    • the instruction and confirmation of believers,

    • the encouragement of the sick and needy,

    • the cultivation of unity in the Body of Christ, and

    • the maintenance of Christian discipline.


    The Board of Deacons meets monthly to study the Scriptures and to plan the Spiritual Care of the congregation.  Deacons are organized into teams of about four Deacons each and serve each month to support worship services.


    To provide spiritual care to members, the Board of Deacons has established Deacon Care Districts within Bethany congregation.  Under this Care Ministry, members and member families are grouped into geographical Deacon Care Districts.  One Deacon is then assigned to care for the members of each District.


    Please take advantage of Bethany’s Deacon Care District ministry in the following ways:

    • Introduce yourself to your Deacon at worship or other Bethany events.

    • Contact your Deacon with any special circumstances such as hospital stays, sicknesses, and joys.

    • Contact your Deacon with any special prayer requests for yourself and your family members.

    • Contact Deacon with concerns about Bethany or when information is needed.


    See the Deacon Roster for a list of the Deacon Care Districts.  See Resources/Forms for Roster and contact information.